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Internet Connection Issue - specific website

Question asked by jmjin720 on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by kevinds

Hello Shaw,


The issue and history is following:


1. We have used "samsung070 internet phone service" from South Korea for more than 5 years. So far, it was no issues with Shaw.

2. Samsung service center in Korea had had some server issue from April 20 to 24 because their building set fire. The service was stopped. The internet phone did not work for few days because their server did not work.

3. April 23rd, the service was recovered and back to normal. The internet phone was working normally.


4. April 24th, the internet phone service suddenly does not work. I assumed it was still have the Korean company's server issue.

5. Early May, the internet phone was still not working, so I talked to Korean company and checked the phone set-up. Everything is OK. There is no Hardware changes (same modem, same phone same cable).

6. I tried to connect "" which is the website of Korean internet phone provider. The internet phone also need "" connection to activate the internet phone talking. Both my PC and laptop can not connect the "" website. The internet phone is also not activated because the phone device can not connect to the Korean provider.

7. When I tried to connect to "" website at work through the company internet, it connected. I'm able to see all the functions. Even my mobile device (cellphone) is able to connect to same website using WIND mobile wireless network (wireless internet).

Like I said, my cellphone is able to connect that specific website through WIND mobile, but it cannot using WIFI at home.

8. When I called to the customer service few days ago, they said that Shaw would check that out and let me know. BUT, so far, no calling and no answer. That's why I just write the full story in here.

9. Is it DNS or proxy server issue at Shaw? Why our home's Shaw internet can not connect "" or ""?

It was OK for more than 5 years... But... Now, it has some issue.

10. I already tried to RESET the modem, unpower and power-up few times both modem and IP phone when I talked to Shaw customer service.

11. Anyone help me out? Any tips?