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Shaw SMTP server has stopped working

Question asked by alliegatorz on May 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by shaw-lance

I can only receive mail, cannot send mail from my Mac laptop.  Yes, I can send from webmail. Yes, I've deleted all the old passwords in Keychain Access, deleted the shaw account and set it up again, deleted smtp server and set it up again. and I have verified all the settings (would be nice if you guys would stop changing them).   If I use with password authentication, its showing as offline  & keeps asking for my password. Nothing happens. If I try it without password authentication (which has word fine in the past), it connects to the server but my email doesn't send.


Remote access on a laptop is also a new thing, have never had to do that before. However when I follow the instructions, it just tells me that if I am using a iPhone, iPad, etc I do not have to do anything.  There is nothing there for laptops to turn on or off. 


This is extremely frustrating, and always seems to be an issue with Shaw email.  My iCloud email never has any issues.  A fix would be greatly appreciated.  Very close to quitting shaw email addresses completely.