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Fort Frances West End slow internet

Question asked by denbyc on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by denbyc

The internet speed has slowed considerably in our area of Fort Frances. I spoke to someone who suggested I contact Shaw as there are issues that are being worked on.  I called and spoke with a tech who seemed aware of the problems worked me through some things (unplug the modem and the router, suggested changes to the modem) but ultimately the internet speed is still incredibly low.  I've used your tool to track it.  The download speed last night had gone down to less than 1 mbps.  This morning's first test was over 20 and then again down .9.  How does this happen.  Last night I had no internet at all for a few hours.  I think that what would be responsible on Shaw's part is that as soon as it realizes there is a speed issue in a certain geographic area, they know they are working on it, let their clients know.  You have our email addresses.  Give us a heads up.  Offer a small credit but more importantly advise people so that they aren't angry.  I'd like a sense when the work will be completed so that the speed that I am now paying for is working.  Its that simple. If you know that it will absolutely be fixed by May 21st, perfect. Say so. May 30th?  Say so.  But please make your customers aware.  Please fix the issue.  I've been a long time client of Shaw and I'd like to continue that relationship.  Thanks!