DCX-3510 - not happy at all with this DVR

Discussion created by debrajackson on May 17, 2014
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Ongoing issues/complaints/glitches/wish-list for my
two-month old DCX-3510. Sorry about the formatting; I did a copy and paste from Word.


I let myself get talked into this model after using a
previous Motorola DVR from Shaw for about 6 years. I didn’t have any complaints
about the old Motorola, but I always wished it had more memory.


Then the HD channels I was paying for started disappearing
and I could only watch the SD versions of those channels. I was told my old
Motorola doesn’t support the formatting the stations are using. The only way to
get those channels back was to upgrade to this DCX-3510. After asking for
compensation or reduced billing for the missing channels and getting exactly
nothing in return for my missing channels, I broke down and let a different rep
sell me this DCX-3510.


From day one, I had problems, and maybe some have been
resolved, but I can’t be sure. All I know is that every day something happens
that frustrates me or angers me or, worse, causes me to lose some or all of a


Here is my list. Most of these items have been reported in
this forum, and I’ve been told they are working on correcting or modifying them.
When will they be addressed and corrected?


  1. Standard guide is difficult to read in a bright
    room. Program names and descriptions need to be brighter, as does most
    lettering on most screens, including list of series recordings and list of
    already recorded shows.
  2. I prefer the full-color cells to distinguish
    between genre (sports, movie, etc).
  3. A lot of the station logos are too small to be effective.
    I just saw communication on this forum from early 2013 telling the customer that
    this is being fixed. I was also told last month it was being fixed…when Shaw, when?
  4. Where is the one-touch “delete” that can be activated
    at any point of a recorded program? I miss that.
  5. Often when I go through the 4 steps to delete a
    program, the screen goes blank and “exit” doesn’t take me anywhere.
  6. Where is the feature that tells me how many
    episodes of a series are due to be recorded? I used to be able to select the
    title of a series recording from the list and it would recap the series
    settings (day, time, channel, how many episodes are scheduled to be recorded).
    Now it offers me “other showing times”…not helpful and way too time-consuming.
    It also shows programs with similar names…really not useful.
  7. Why can’t I change the time added to a live
    sports event once I’ve set it up? I have to delete it and start all over again.
    I select change recording settings and this option is not available.
  8. Where is the feature that gave me a full-page,
    two-week list of shows on a specific channel when I double-clicked on “Guide”
    on my previous DVR? Now I get this mini thing that just frustrates me. Why not make
    better use of space to give information on info pages?
  9. Twice we lost feed to the DVR and had to power recycle,
    but not before calling Shaw to find out how to fix it. We had the guide, station
    identifier and access to SOD, but no live feed from the stations.
  10. I’ve had the double recording of the same show many
    times, but not for the past week; hopefully this has been corrected. The DVR would
    record one proper episode and one blank screen version, which caused me to lose
    recordings that were set up for the same time.
  11. I’ve also been “locked out” of shows and I’ve never
    set a PIN or restrictions.
  12. This past Thursday, I recorded Grey’s Anatomy on
    CTV at 9:00 pm. Last night we were watching the season finale and the red bar that
    shows up when you pause, FF or rewind showed 59:57, a full recording. When it got
    to about 45 minutes, the screen jumped to the list of recorded shows. We tried again;
    same thing. We decided to watch the episode on Shaw on Demand and had to sit through
    45 minutes of the show AGAIN to catch the last 15 minutes of the show. Where did
    the last 15 minutes go and why can’t we FF through a show on SOD? I can FF when
    watching an HBO show on SOD, but not CTV? Again, frustrating.
  13. On the music stations, specifically 414 and 420,
    the song “album cover” does not match up with the song currently playing. At about
    11:30 last night, it showed two album covers of the same song as the “current” and
    “next” song and that song was already over. The next three album covers were not
    even close to the song that was playing. I thought this was fixed.


I would like to know if we are being placated with this forum,
or if improvements and fixes are actually in the works because, really, I may just
return this and go back to my old Motorola.