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why are loyal customers ignored

Question asked by rhotin on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by shaw-matt

My question is why do decades long loyal customers get ignored by shaw. I have invested hundreds if not more of my hard earned money to buying equipment for tv, computer and telephone use. Plus my thousands of dollars in monthly bills. Yet any new promotion offered to new customers isn't offered to decades long customers. We are not as naive as you wish we were. With the millions shaw makes on the channels and shows shaw media owns from advertising why can't shaw even offer ala carte to its customers (and please don't give me the standard crtc answer ). Be a leader in the cable industry and the first to offer this to us. Not the silly on demand free movie offer that insults the dedicated long term customer. Please let the CEO Brad Shaw know that I am not the only customer feeling insulted with the lack of decent offers. Yet you offer great deals to new customers. We loyal patrons are not going to be ignored anymore do the the decent  thing now not when crtc forces you to do it. Be a leader and offer ala carte so we can pick our10 packs at the same price it is now. Thank you