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Motorola DCT3416 PVR No Longer Booting Up

Question asked by robnewth on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by shaw-matt

I am hoping someone can help me identify the problem with my PVR (Motorola DCT3416) and whether it can be fixed.


A few hours ago, I turned on my TV and all I got was a black screen. I found this odd as my PVR was displaying a channel and my TV was on the correct video source. My PVR controller could operate my TV (i.e. turn it on and off) but it could not communicate with my PVR, which was completely unresponsive to commands (power on and off, changing channels, etc.). Moreover, the PVR was also completely unresponsive when any of the buttons on the front of the unit were pressed.


To no avail, I attempted to reboot it by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord. I've since unsuccessfully tried it several more times, even letting it sit unplugged between attempts (~30mins) and plugged in for extended periods (~10mins). The same thing happened on all attempts after I plugged the power cord back in:


- "8.8:8*8" is displayed then the display goes blank

- The fan and hard drive start up and stay on

- It makes a few sounds like a computer booting up


Nothing else happens after this, no matter how long I wait. I am all out of ideas at this point, but I am also far from proficient with troubleshooting PVRs. Hopefully, someone here might have an idea or be able to confirm that it's finished.


Possibly of note: I've had the unit for 5-6yrs and replaced the HD (it crashed) about a week ago. While I had it opened, I also very carefully removed lots of dust. Since then I've used it several times for multiple hours and tested the HD (recording shows and replaying live TV) without any issues.


Thanks for any help,