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No TV channels or access to PVR recordings

Question asked by timreekie on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by shaw-matt

I was programming shows to record for the next 3 days.. when I hit the Live TV button, the picture went black..


I get the channel guide, PVR recordings menu and all other menus.

The channel guide provides all information (show title etc) for the next week at least, so its connected.. when I select a channel, the screen is black

If I choose a channel that I don't subscribe to, it gives me the message...

I can see all PVR recordings.. when I select one, the screen is black


There is no sound


I am on HDMI 1 (it appears in the top left corner, when I set the input, as it should)

I tried changing to HDMI 2. I tried using a different HDMI cable from my other TV (2 other TVs are working fine). I tried component cables..

I cycled the STB (several times).

There is no No Signal, No Source or No Input message appearing on screen


I would guess the box is fubar, but am willing to try a solution .. as long as it doesn't mess up my PVR recordings