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Gateway issues

Question asked by elsagallant on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by shaw-phil

I Have had a gateway system for over a year now and just today my husband had a system installed in our living room mine was in the bedroom

now the  gateway  in my bedroom doesn't work and the portal for the second gateway in another room also doesn't work so we have two gateways one with one portal and the other has two portals .

first of all I don't understand why mine should of been disconnected and also I don't understand why the new system with two portals has only one working portal As the technician had set it up.

i Am also worried all my programming will be lost on my bedroom system, will it?

who do I call to get this fixed it's frustrating because they had set it up as a second system when I originally talked to them last saturday so mine should of not been affected.  why was it affected ? Arrg