Being charged $10 extra cause Shaw felt like it

Discussion created by vills on May 20, 2014
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This may be a little bit of a rant but I've been paying an extra $10 a month for Shaw Extreme which is the exact same plan as the new Shaw High Speed 25. So if anyone out there is in the same situation as I am, please call Shaw and either cancel and switch to a different ISP or change your plan to High Speed 25 so you don't feel like a sap for paying an extra $10 for the same service.


When I called customer service, the response was, yeah we'll switch you to the new plan but since you never care to look at the new plans, we're glad that we got an extra $10 a month out of you for the last 8 or 9 month that Shaw Extreme doesn't exist anymore.


Just felt like everyone should know!