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Discussion created by snowy on May 24, 2014
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Branched from an earlier discussion

Not about Wifi but ...normal conection, it became a nitemare for me. At the beggining you shown me how " amazing" Shaw Internet offers are... then I get trouble with speed!!! If you ARE NOT able to  keep your  plans DO NOT take money for it !!! I`m too mad right now... I paied for 25 speed and I get  UNDER 10 !!! Very rare 10-12 !!! More than an Year I have your plan !!!

How you could take money in this case ??? Shame on you !!! And yes if you wanna some pictures about your speed test I can show you !!!Do not tell me AGAIN to redoing modification in my PC, or to restart my  modem, or to tell me that in my area are  SO MANY PPL and they take from the speed I have ... c`mon let it die this reason !!!

Any way, Shaw doesn`t seems to be what they want to show us!!!

Shame on you !!!