Recording Missed: "not recorded (not aired)"

Discussion created by gateman on May 25, 2014
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I set the Gateway to record the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix race that aired last night. My daughter is going to Monaco next year and this was a rare opportunity to see one of the events Monaco is most famous for. The Gateway failed to record the program. Looking in: PVR > Options > "canceled and deleted" here's what it says:


Formula One Racing

226 5/25 4:55-7:00 AM

not recorded (not aired)

"Monaco Grand Prix"

Original Air Date : 5/25/2014


I know for certain that the program did air. Unfortunately this isn't the first time I have seen this happen since the 7.1.7 code update (I was not having any significant issues prior to the update). It doesn't happen all the time, but it has now happened often enough since the update that I'm taking the time to document the error. Here's how I setup the recording:


  • I believe the recording was setup May 22
  • I found the program in the "grid" guide and pressed the Record button on the remote.
  • I then pressed the Info button on the remote and moved through the menus to add 90 minutes.


This is a fairly common set of steps for me since I often watch events that don't have a known finish time. For example playoff hockey that goes into triple overtime (in this case the maximum 90 minutes extra may not even be enough).


It is possible that the guide info was wrong as the recording time approached, but this shouldn't matter. The Gateway had all the information it needed to do what I wanted regardless of what the guide info was saying, but instead the Gateway decided it knew better and recorded nothing. Now I am quite displeased.


I have asked in this thread: When Are Manual Recordings Coming to the Gateway PVR? why the Gateway seems to be perhaps the only PVR on earth that doesn't have a concept of manual recordings. No matter how good the guide info is it will always have some errors, that is a certainty. Manual recordings would provide a workaround for many other issues in this forum that Gateway owners are having. This would mean happier customers and ultimately less support hours.


Since this has happened a few times with the 7.1.7 code I find that I'm no longer confident that the Gateway will record the programs I tell it too. If I'm not reasonably confident that the Gateway will work, I'm forced to watch programs live. This makes the Gateway rather pointless. I hope that the "not recorded (not aired)" issue can be corrected soon.