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Remote doesn't always work

Question asked by andreardyck on May 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by shaw-matt

My shaw remote doesn't always work. It works right after I turn the tv on (I can access the guide, menu, etc), but after watching for a short amount of time when I click 'guide', nothing happens. The remote lights up and the blue light on the cable box lights up as well so it is getting the signal. Also, I am still able to change the volume and turn the cable and tv on/off.

On a site note, when I click 'Menu' (all of the time) I can never seem to get out of it. I've tried clicking the 'watch tv' option or clicking 'exit' on the remote but it doesn't respond so I always have to turn the cable on and off to make it go away.

Help please?