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Heavy increase in InBound Traffic - Looking for cause / Resolution

Question asked by gryd3 on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by kevinds

I have come to recently find that my internet has degraded quite a bit, and for the past 3 days has been slower than usual.
Today however I find that browsing has been painfully slow, so I did some digging and found this in my records.

I tried to find out what the culprit was, and eventually gave up and contacted Shaw, then frustratingly gave up on that and hit the forums.
So, Here are my troubleshooting steps:

- Disabled my Torrent Clients (which are capped, and limited heavily by client settings, and Qos setting on my router)

- Noticed the average use dropped to approximately 80%, and all of the upload stopped.

- Applied additional firewall rules to block internet traffic to/from all of my devices (At the time, 5 connected)

- Average use remained at 200kbs download.

- Disabled Wireless on the router. No change.

- Unplugged all machines from the router, (except my main computer) No Change.
- Shutdown my main computer for 10-minutes (While the router was recording usage)

- Turn the computer back on, view the log. No change.

- Unplug the modem from the Router. Traffic Stops. (Note, at this point, I can rule out ANY machine connected to my router. Wired or Wireless)

- Soft-Reset on the Router. The Router is unable to renew it's IP address, and traffic is staying at a consistant 200kbps download.
- This traffic continued even though my Router did not yet renew it's public IP address. All of the lights on the modem indicated normal use (Except the LAN light blinking like mad)
- I power cycled the Modem. Traffic stopped. and after it came back online, I was able to get an IP address and traffic remains low.



*Please note that Download refers to Information From the internet To my home. Upload is information From my home To the internet.

2014-05-2636.12 GB1.91 GB38.03 GB


I have been unable to figure out what has caused this. I viewed a more detailed report in my router (That exists in memory only, which was lost on power cycle) that had showed that roughly 18GB had been dropped. (Anyone familiar with IPTables)


Shaw has been unable to provide ANY insight. I am hoping that someone here can.


Network Setup as follows:

Shaw Modem -> WRT-54GL


-Win 7 machine

-Ubuntu Machine


-1 Laptop

-2 Cellphones


The Ubuntu machine hosts a small hobby website from a VM, as well as a Samba share within the household. Firewall rules have been applied to deny ANYTHING other than port 80 access to the internet. The hobby grade website is a small forum.