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Streams pausing, games disconnecting.

Question asked by myjawsmissin on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by brandyn

Hey I'm a streamer and I also watch streams on Twitch and I've been noticing a few things wrong lately with Shaw.


First off. Streams pause/freeze from time to time while watching them on Shaw connected devices. MTS connected devices are fine no pausing or freezing from Twitch while watching a stream.


Games freeze up and then drop connection on Shaw or constant lag in areas. Unable to continue to stream a live event while playing a game. Viewers getting upset/leaving because the quality and lag of it is getting worse. BUT If I stream on a MTS connected device no issues there.


So is Shaw capping our connections on how long we stream/play or anything online here now or what's happening?


Would be nice to know why Shaw thinks it's awesome to have a contract in my building when a lot of the connections in this building are old and crap. Never mind the lies that you're told over the phone by the reps saying everything is all cool and it's your computer that's at fault. Sadly Shaw in the past week since I've had no issues until this entire week (May 19- Current) I would like to know what's happening.


Again like I said I'm a streamer and you are interrupting my ability to be able to continue to stream and game with many online games at this moment. So any ideas?


In a new lease and unable to move btw so that's not an option.