Can't watch Fargo where it was filmed - Calgary

Discussion created by ianm on May 27, 2014

I sent a request for a new channel (FXX) but I am not optimistic - how many requests would it take until someone at Shaw decides to act? FXX is Rogers, so I'm sure Shaw wouldn't want to pick it up unless there was some overwhelming number of requests. FXX carries the new series "FARGO" which was filmed in Calgary. I am told the first episode was on FX, which Shaw does carry, but now those who liked the first episode have no way of watching subsequent ones. We saw the first few episode while in the U.S. but now that we are back in Calgary, Shaw Cable, whose base is Calgary, doesn't seem to want to carry a series that was filmed here. Just another example of not being responsive to the needs of its customers. Hardly a surprise, I guess.