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Only one DHCP lease, then powercycle the cable modem, normal??

Question asked by mervincm on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by [shaw]ali

In a failed attempt to upgrade my internet service, I am left with a Cisco Cable modem.  It is bridged so I can use my own routers etc.  After I power cycle the cable model, it will provide a public IP address via DHCP to my router (or PC if I hook it direct) ONCE.  After that, it will not provide an IP to that device again till I power cycle the cable modem.  In other words, if I reboot my router, I must first reboot the cable modem, then wait for it to establish a connection to Shaw, then power cycle my router.  It acts the same way with my macbook.  If I reboot the cable modem, wait for it to establish connection, then plug my macbook into the cable model, it will get a public IP and work correctly, but once I unplug the macbook it will never again assign it an IP address , untill I power-cycle the cable modem.


Shaw support is telling me that this is to be expected when you have one in bridged mode.


I know for a fact that my previous cable modem (motorola 6120) did NOT have this problem, I had it for years in bridge mode and have on MANY occasions rebooted my router without this loss in connection.


My question is ... are they right? or is my unit defective....  One thing that is definite is that I can't live with this problem.