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New install of Gateway App

Question asked by anzac on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by supersmurf

I just installed the app on my iPhone 4S & iPad Air. I could not login with either using my eMail or this community ID. I was getting a network connection error. I started to write a message about it here and thought I should go back and get the exact wording of the error message for clarity. When I tried I found that login was OK ... so there must be a timing issue that users should be made aware of.


Since I was now in the app I did a little cruise. Looks interesting ... but one concern is sorting of recorded shows. The order appears to be alphabetical with no option to sort by date/time ... unless I overlooked it somehow.


i am writing this on my iPad and just now tried to connect again with iPhone and got another network connection error message ... I wonder if multiple concurrent client connections Is this issue. I'll do some further tests.