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HBO East in Alberta is not available?

Question asked by dw29 on Jun 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by noah

I have just subscribed to SHAW TV and was getting ready to watch Game of Thrones tonight and realized that I only have one HBO HD Channel.   Game of Thrones is playing at 9pm.   Prior to getting SHAW home TV, I had SHAW Direct included with my previous residence.  On SHAW Direct it had both HBO East and HBO West (West being 2 hours behind).  This meant I could watch my Game of Thrones at 7pm or 9pm.


My first thought was that it probably had to do with channel agreements - and it was only available on SHAW Direct because it was a single signal stream..  but then I see Telus Optik has HBO East and West offered in their channel line-up in the Alberta region.


So here's the question:


A) Can we get HBO East on SHAW home TV?  ie. do I need to subscribe to a timeshifting package add-on or something?

B) If not, are there any plans?  When will it be available?


I'm hoping the Shaw VOD has it at 7pm tonight ..