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DVR does not refresh

Question asked by dauberman on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by [shaw]andrew

My Shaw Motorola box was moved from Vancouver to North Shore. The box works in the Vancouver area, but on the North Shore, it does not receive the guide or update the time. A Shaw support person says that they cannot see or communicate with the box on the network. A Shaw field tech guy came to the house and tested the connection and everything is OK. He said that the box itself is probably not working correctly. The question is, the box works fine in the old region but not in the new region. According to the field tech, the box is on the correct "node" for North Shore. I need to see if there is some other reason for the box not working in my new region before I fork out $400 on a new box. I have a second box (just a regular digital box) which connects to the network just fine but the guide clock is out by one hour. Shaw support tried to reset the box but it stays one hour out from real time. Support says that this box is also busted. I cannot agree that both boxes are suddenly broken at the same time. There must be another reason why both boxes suddenly do not work properly in the new region. Any advice will be appreciated.