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DPC3825 and XBOX

Question asked by dbt2012 on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by dbt2012

Has anybody had any success getting this to work flawlessly? I recently upgraded(?) from Extreme to Broadband100 and my wifi connection to XBOX drops intermittently. Sometimes it will lose connectivity after an hour and then other times every 5 minutes. With extreme+my e3000 router it rarely dropped and only when I hadn't recycled the router for a month or more. I have restored to factory settings(tech said to do that) and that did help with the speed issue(was getting between 8mps-74mps) - now getting on average about 80mps.


I have googled this and found that I am not alone but I haven't found one article where someone has said that they have it working with XBOX(streaming media). Most describe bridging the 3825 to your third party router but before I attempt that I wanted to see if anyone had any success specifically with streaming media from a pc to the xbox. I should also say that when I am connected to the XBOX I have a very strong connection - all bars. When it loses connectivity it is like the network has just disappeared and only comes back after going into XBOX network settings and waiting for it to connect again.


I am really looking for someone in the same boat. Not really looking for more suggestions from people that don't have the same set up - I have read all those in the forums.