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Question asked by karyudo on Jun 4, 2014
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Cross-posted from, where corbin suggested I put my complaint on here...

I'm in New Westminster (between Kingsway and Griffiths, and between 10th and 8th), and my Internet service is so intermittent, it's practically unusable. For example, every few minutes, I lose the connection to the 'Net, which persists for a few minutes. Totally random. Totally crap.


Shaw says the node I'm on is "at 100.3% capacity." I think pretty much during all waking hours, every day this week and last. Apparently there will be a chassis upgrade (I don't know what that is) at the head end (don't know where that is) during mid-June; until then my area's screwed.


Anybody else experiencing this? Has anybody heard more detail as to exactly what's up, and what's likely to change? Because this is pretty terrible.


Some point-form answers to some inevitable questions:

- Nope, not on WiFi. Gigabit ethernet over CAT6.

- I haven't timed it, but it's about three minutes on, three minutes off, lather, rinse, repeat. Not sure if it's exactly regular, because I don't feel like spending my evening hitting Refresh, stopwatch in hand.

- I checked the lights on the modem: exactly NO change in the lights between working and not.

- Haven't tried accessing the modem -- although from what I understand I wouldn't be successful, anyway.

- Shaw says it's their problem (backed up by some refundage, which I'll admit was a pleasant surprise) so I don't have any reason to believe my end is at all responsible for the problem. Do I?