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DCX3510-M Motorola PVR not behaving

Question asked by andison79 on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by supersmurf

DCX3510-M Motorola PVR not behaving.


We will be watching a show.  All is well.


We rewind, say, 10 mins back and keep watching (thus, we are 10 mins "behind" the live feed).  Fine.


But then when the "live feed" of that show is done, (and WE the viewers are still 10 mins from the end of the show), our viewing progress is interrupted and we are flung out of our 10-mins-time-lag and back into normal time. 


Temporal neck injuries aside, when this happens, SOMEtimes we can rewind back to where we were and keep going and finish the show.  (We shouldn't *have* to, as this is a viciously lame bug or stupid setting or something, but we *can* do it if we must.)  But it's *extra* extra extra extra annoying when -- after dragging us from our wooly, cottony, cocoony lair of time-lagged-ad-free-tv and out into the harshly unforgiving glare of real time -- it also REFUSES to let us rewind back!!!....we try!  Back!  Back!  And the play cursor is just fighting and jumping like a marlin caught on a line.  Alas, in this second scenario, our show is forever lost, unrewindable:  scattered to the four digital winds of the earth's sublime magnetic field perhaps?  Who can say. 


But I think my PVR is becoming sentient and maybe I want a new one before it eats my cat.  (I've had it for 6 weeks) 


(The PVR)


(Not the cat)