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Pace HDPVR Playback Pixelates and Pauses

Question asked by mmshepp on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by shaw-jason



For several years we have had the following problem....we have been through 4 HDPVR boxes and it has never been solved. Essentially it involves HD programs pixelating, pausing/delays (either video or audio or both) and, when fast forwarding, the entire screen pixelates and sometimes does not forward AT ALL. It occurs when we record 1 or 2 shows, whether we are watching something at the same time or not and sometimes the pausing/delays occur when watching live TV!!! We've had Shaw over SEVERAL times and the only help they could give was 1) re-boot the box - we've done that a gazillion times and it is sometimes better for a day or so. 2) the HDMI cable can't handle the input - we got the stereo equipment company over and got a new, top notch HDMI cable; same problem AND they blamed the box 3) it's the equipment's fault - they are not turning on in the right order; well, they are all on one remote and you can't pick and choose which goes on in which order unless you manually do it - that is not a solution; it is just passing the buck AGAIN to the equipment. In the past, Shaw just gives us a new box and leaves. Frankly, NONE of these suggestions are good enough. I've researched online and also tried the following....plugged the HDPVR directly into the wall and re-booted both the PVR and expander. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, what was the solution???? Thanks a lot