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Shaw node overloaded - Calgary NW Tuscany

Question asked by devlyn on Jun 9, 2014
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It has currently been 14 months now of this and I have been a very loyal customer. If I due end up having to switch internet providers you will not see me back or continue with any shaw services. Below are a few quote from shaw customer and tech support over the last year. None have been able to give me any help other then telling me yes I should switch providers.


Now if a node is overloaded in a area why should everyone be limited to the same speed. There is a reason I am paying $120 per month for broadband 250 because I use the internet a lot. So if a node is overloaded reduce everyone's speed by a percent 70% 80% whatever but don't just make everyone have 2Mbps download. For me to go from 250Mbps down to 2 - 4Mbps is a huge difference in what i am paying for vs others.


Or does it make more sense to you Shaw to come out here and install 4 modems in my house one for each computer/device each with high speed 10 package for $30 per month. Since the price for my internet package is $120 and that equals 4 high speed 10 package. So that way during peak hours when me and everyone else uses the internet and you limit each modem to 2 - 4Mbps i would at least still get 8 - 16Mbps as I would have 4 modems.


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