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Certain "first run" programs will not record

Question asked by allya84 on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by mark_vse

I have experienced an issue with some NEW (first run) TV programs that will not record when I select the "series record" and "accept first run only" option when using my Gateway system.


The only way I can record them is by selecting the "accept repeats" option. The affected programs I have discovered so far are as follows:

"Family Guy" (208, 203)
"Revolution" (213)


and most recently


"Defiance" (256, 39) - you can try replicating this error as the new season is starting next week. Again, the "accept first run only" option will not populate a scheduled recording on my Gateway. The only way I can ensure I record the program is by using the "accept repeats" option which means I have to delete 3 or more repeats of that recorded show each week. With "Family Guy", it's even tougher because re-runs are syndicated nightly on a number of channels.


Would appreciate any light you can shed on this issue. Thanks in advanced!