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Lag in games/Netflix/Youtube, full speed w/ speed tests.

Question asked by bellzine on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by supersmurf

I've run several different speedtests in the last few weeks, every time it's a full 25mbps/2.5mbps (what our plan is), but Netflix and Youtube buffer constantly when they didn't before.  It's most visible when playing Minecraft, I'm having major overflow errors due to the game sending more data than I can download at once, and it was absolutely fine last month, other games as well I end up disconnecting from eventually.  Done all the regular router/modem replugging, etc., I'm positive it's on Shaw's end.  Just been on chat support and the guy said it looked fine on my end.  I'm using a both a hardwired connection and an iPad for the games/Youtube, smart TV for the Netflix.