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To switch or not to switch!

Question asked by coachdubya on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by kevinds

Like a good number of people we have been having troubles with the pixalization/freezing screen in both live tv and recorded shows on numerous channels for far too long. I was doing an on-line chat before we arranged for the tech to come out, I checked the co-axial cable connections on all that I could but a good chunk of the cable is hidden in a wall or ceiling so to confirm whether they are still functional is not possible. Last week I finally said enough and we got a tech out who replaced all of the splitters and the good pictures lasted about a day. We have two of the old Motorola HDPVR's; the main TV we use has the model DCT3416I and the other one is the DCT6208 (which is toast according to the tech and probably needs to be replaced anyway). Now we have a couple of remote control issues but those are minor compared to the pixel problem. The bride is pretty sure it is the HDPVR. I

I pose the question of whether we should upgrade to Gateway. We have the entire package with Shaw by the way - TV/Internet/Phone. I have been reading the Shaw forum and the problems that both Gateway and HDPVR have; I have been reading up on what each of the competitors have regarding their respective equipment packages/costs/number of HD channels/bundle etc. There are good points and bad points all around with everyone. Honestly, the only real reason I have not pulled the plug is my bride does not want to be forced in changing her email address. I like what I have read about Gateway and Shaw does seem to offer a slightly better package in certain things over the competition but what prevents me from saying the definitive 'yes' is how much more of a pixelization problem could I possibly be getting into with Gateway? Maybe it will be less.


So I thought I would pose the question to all of the Gateway people out there on their specific benefits for switching, if they would please. Whether they came over from a competitor or from the HDPVR realm I really would like to know.


Thank you.