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Ref code S0a00 on Space Channel (Ch45)

Question asked by jnv on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by mark_vse


I am getting a lot of cable TV disruptions right now (2pm-3p, jun 27, 2014) and error messages saying "one moment please this channel will be available shortly. Ref code: S0a00" on Channel 45.  I am also get stuttering and hangs on Channel 26 CBCNN.  I have read the information at One Moment Please Error (Ref Code: s0a00) but it didn't help.  Issue is intermittent.  Oh, I don't use a splitter. 

My set-top box is model #: DTC700/US , phase: 2.7 (it was the free Digital to Analog TV converter that Shaw sent out).  I've been getting TV disruptions for a while now.  Anyone know what is going on?


Also, does this set-top box send out 5.1 sound when available, because we can't seem to get proper surround sound from it when we use Shaw On-Demand movies with this set-top box, and yet it worked fine before when we were getting analog cable (before the switch-over and before getting the free set-top box)?  Our sound also works fine when using DVDs, so the issue must be either with the digital signal we are getting from Shaw or the function of the set-top box we got.


Thanks for the help in advance,