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2 PVRs, 1 TV

Question asked by duffbeer on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by bostonbob

I have an older DCT3416 (5+ years) that is starting to fail. Newly recorded programs often show as a black screen or the picture freezes and ff, skip, back, etc. buttons won't work. Tech support says there is no problem at their end.


I'd like to get a new PVR but still retain the ability to view saved recordings on the old least until I've watched them all. In addition, the old PVR doesn't support mpeg4 so I will now get some channels I am currently unable to view.

I assume the PVR need to be hooked up to the coaxial cable to be operational so that Shaw recognizes it as a valid machine. If I get a new PVR, is it possible to flip back and forth between PVRs simply by switching cables or does the PVR need to be "re-activated" every time a change is done?