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Signal now lost altogether - snowy screen and no response from the remote

Question asked by lilyfathersjoy on Jun 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2014 by shaw-brayden

The Shaw universal remote control I'm using does not access the menu nor the TV listings on the DCX3510-M even while I carefully followed the directions in the HD Guide User Manuel.  Clicking on the arrows only moved the image up or down on the screen. As a result, in order to find what was available, I was forced to click up through each channel.  This worked fine (if slowly), until I apparently clicked too far and the screen informed me that I had selected some event for $59.99.  It didn't tell me what I'd selected -- it only gave me a string of letters and numbers plus the duration of the event. and It presented me with two options: to select or cancel.  The arrows, as before, did nothing, and I now couldn't cancel, nor change the channel, nor shut off the TV with the remote.  I got up and shut everything down manually.  When I powered up again, all I got was a snowy screen.  And so it remains. I've scoured the HD Guide, but there appears to be no trouble-shooting section.  This is my first time dealing with this kind of Box, but with my regular TV, a snowy screen is generally remedied by tuning the set itself to Channel Three or Four, then pressing the Cable and TV button on the remote.  I've tried this with no change.  Any ideas?