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High Ping with multiple people

Question asked by grunstang on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by noah

On a good day, I get around 8 ms of ping, 12 mbps download speed and .1 mbps upload speed. My computer is connected directly to the router. I have 3 people in the house who use wireless devices (often an iPad, and two laptops) going at the same time and this is when things get excruciating. My ping goes anywhere from 200 - 1500 ping. The internet is virtually unusable (or at least for me because I never hear them complain). Playing games, which is what I often do, is completely out of the question and I can't search anything on the internet without at least a 5 second delay on everything I do. I'm thinking about getting another internet connection for myself. I also thought about just upgrading, but many people tell me it will be the same, if you have multiple people your internet will become very slow.