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Channel discrepancy between TV's in same household

Question asked by jurassicmatt on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2012 by cornat

So I have two TVs in my house: an HDTV in my living room, and an older tube TV in my bedroom. The HDTV is connected using the basic HD Box (No PVR), and the tube TV simply has the cable line screwed directly into the back of the TV (no receivers or boxes or anything).


My question is, why can the tube TV in my bedroom get more standard definition (read: NOT HD) channels than my HDTV? For example I can flip through the basic cable channels on my tube TV and watch channels such as A&E, Discovery, TLC, and Spike; If I try and access these channels on my HDTV (exact same standard definition channel numbers) I get a black screen with the message "Not Authorized".


Huh? How can I be authorized in one room, but not in the other? Since I don't have an HD package that includes the aforementioned titles,this lack of 'authorization' means I can't watch them at all in my living room! I really want to watch those channels in my living room