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Recent slow internet

Question asked by xdmdx on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by vjek

As stated above, recently my internet has slowed down quite a bit.

I noticed this yesterday morning, and since then it has not changed at all.

My internet package states that we should have 20mbps of download speed, but whenever I would test it the results were always at 10mbps. Not caring too much about it I passed it off. But yesterday my internet was beyond slow of what it normally is. Instead of having 10mbps I was down to either 0.8-1.4 fluctuating. I test with both Cicso Connect [linksys router program that is given with every linksys] and with

Speed test states I have 8mbps download speed to a server thats fairly close, but it used to say 20mbps before. Cicso states I have 0.8-1.4 where it normally stated I had 10-20. I tried closing off everything on my computer and ended the tasks of updates and other background programs that use internet, but still no change in internet.

I first realized this when I was watching youtube videos and they were loading at an extremely slow speed. Then when I was later watching a stream that I never had any problem with before having my video cut out with the voices still playing in the background.

Im not sure what the problem is so I came here asking for anyone if they have any ideas.


Currently living in Winnipeg. [In case its a server problem/maintenance in my area]