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How can I watch my taped vcr programs with the digital box?

Question asked by westfinn on Sep 21, 2012
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I'm getting really frustrated with this new digital converter box I recently got. I believe I have it hooked up correctly as I can watch tv and I can also tape the programs on the vcr but I can't figure out how to actually watch them. What do I have to do to be able to watch my taped vcr programs? My TV is the "old" kind not one of thos flat screens. When I try to watch the vcr I turn off the digital box because I think by fluke this worked one time but all I get is static and no picture. Sure would appreicate a simple solution as I'm tech challenged and have 2 weeks of programming to watch.



Thanks for all your help. I checked to see what exactly I do have and how it's hooked up so here goes:


TV: Older JVC with the big chunky back


DIGITAL BOX; Model DCT 700 - thinking it must be HD


Digital Box L to R

Cable In   

Cable  - out to vcr

Red - to vcr Ant in

Yellow - to vcr RH out


VCR: set to Channel 3

When I turn the Cable &  TV on with my remote  it shows it's on Channel 4


When I turn on the VCR I only get a black screen until I click on the VCR's remote and press it to TV/VCR then I get static. Neither way can I get the VCR to PLAY though.


I understand I must be doing something wrong but I couldn't tell you what it is - I am very tech challenged so if you're explaining it to me hopefully you keep it simple. If the TV is also supposed to be on Channel 3 I don't have a clue how to set it. Thanks again for all the help.



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