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Intermittent drops in East Vancouver

Question asked by philb61 on Jul 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by corbin

This has been going on for a few months now where, several times a day (daytime and evening), the connection just basically stops reacting.  Cable modem is still claiming to be online (all lights on), router works fine for internal connections (between computers), but there is no resolving (using either Shaw's DNS servers, Google DNS, or OpenDNS).  Everything just stalls trying to get a resolved address and content.


Resetting either the router or modem seems to work (since a new connection seems to then be negotiated).  Just to be sure, the router was changed to a new one back when this first started.


If this was just us, I'd suspect wiring, router, etc (all new coax was run from the pole to the house when new cable gateway was put in. This problem started a little after that).  However, a relative lives about 5 minutes away, also in East Van (we're around Commercial, she's closer to Main and Broadway) has been having the exact same issue.


Of course, talking to reps, we get the usual "No known problems", "It's your router", "Try resetting XYZ"....This is reaching the point where we are seriously considering moving all services. 


Anyone else experiencing this?   If so, is there a known issue, and is it getting fixed?