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Portal no longer connecting to HDMI TV

Question asked by romyoh on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2014 by noah

Hi, I am using an Arris gateway portal connected directly to a non-HD Sanyo TV (via RCA cables) and an HD Sony Playstation monitor (via HDMI cable).  For months this setup worked fine without problems.  I could display video with audio on one TV or the other or both simultaneously.


Then last Saturday, my HD Sony Monitor would no longer receive a signal (video or audio) from the Arris Portal, however the non-HD TV still connects and functions normally.  When I turn on my HD Sony TV or switch to the correct input while the non-HD Sanyo TV is on, the video on the non-HD TV flickers off a couple times and the audio may cut out temporarily which tells me that the Arris portal is detecting the HD tv, but not completing the connection.


I think switching to component cables may fix the problem, but I have none to test with.


I have tried the following solutions with no success:

-Powering off and on of the Portal

-Holding the Reset button for 6 seconds to reset the portal

-Adjusting the resolution settings in the Settings menu

-Swapping HDMI cables

-Changing the HDMI input

-Turning on and off power standby settings on HD tv

-Turning off and on HDMI control settings on HD tv



Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!