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Internet connectivity

Question asked by james.harynuk on Aug 6, 2014
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This is a new version of what seems to be an occasional problem based on the forum posts I have seen.


I just received a new surface and was setting it up. Trouble is that I basically cannot access the internet with ie, (and so cannot save myself and find another browser). This may only be a problem from home (don't know yet).


anyway, when I diagnose connection issues I get the error that the remote device will not accept the connection and it says that "the device or resource ( is not set up to accept connections on port "the World Wide Web service (HTTP)".


no "use proxy" settings are checked, and I am connected to the internet as I can ping google and a variety of other sites from the command line.


also my internet settings seem to be fine as other old laptop and other devices work just fine.


any suggestions?