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Lloydminster Missing Channels

Question asked by shootmaster_44 on Aug 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by [shaw]joel

I have a few different issues with Shaw's selection of channels here in Lloydminster. For starters, why does Lloydminster not have a City TV affiliate from somewhere on the cable system here? Vermilion, AB which is a 35 minute drive away down the Yellowhead, has City Edmonton on channel 2. However, Lloyd has nothing. With the upcoming NHL season and Sunday Night Hockey being carried on City, I would assume plans would be made for ALL Shaw cable systems nationwide, to have a City TV affiliate in HD. What is most infuriating about all this is when I first subscribed to Shaw, there was an unencrypted signal of CITY-TV Toronto that was available on a digital subchannel on my television. So at one point, the signal was coming across the coaxial cable, whether or not Shaw meant it to.


Secondly, on this note, why does Lloydminster still not have any Canadian timeshifting channels beyond NTV from St. John's and CFSK from Saskatoon and CBLT in HD from Toronto? I have been a Shaw subscriber in Lloyd for 5 years and was promised when I subscribed it would be soon, then when the Digital Network Upgrades happened, I was promised again this would be added. Still nothing.


Lastly, and this is a minor quibble why when I put in my address for location on this website, can I not get the current channel listings for Lloydminster?


Of course, there are other channels I would like to see added, a HD version of NBA TV and NFL Network (both available on Telus Optik and Sasktel Max here in Lloydminster) and CBS Sports Network in HD (available for sure on Sasktel Max, not sure about Telus Optik) would be perfect. I could live without adding all the ethnic channels that are continually added here in Lloydminster, so that my first two concerns were addressed.