More Gateway Feature Requests

Discussion created by todddd on Aug 12, 2014
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First off, like others have said, great job on the IOS and android apps.


I thought I would mention a couple of feature requests that I posted a long time ago to the digital forums boards that I would like to see the gateway

add. They seem minor (#firstworldproblems) but I think they'd make things much smoother in terms of navigating.


When watching a recorded show, I'd like to be able to enter a channel number to go to a channel directly. At present, you have press guide and then the channel and then press ok. Just seems excessive. Why can't I just go directly by entering 225 to watch the bomber game let's say. And also, I think I should be able to press the last channel button when watching a recorded show and it will take me to the last live channel i was watching. And then if I'm live, i should be able to last channel and go back to the pvr show i was watching. These features were included on all of the previous pvrs i've had with you guys. This is costing me an extra 5-10 clicks a day.


Anyway, cheers. Thanks for this forum and the great apps.