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Can someone verify I'm hooking up my surround sound correctly?

Question asked by larsha on Sep 25, 2012
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Can someone verify that I'm hooking up my surround sound correctly? I'm using rca plugs from digital cable box to video and audio plugs on my amp, then out to tv for video feed. All other components (dvd, vcr, etc) are plugged into the amp as well.  Reason I ask is that the day after I did this initially, I had to reset the digital cable box (disconnect power for 30 sec then plug back in). It appears to be working ok right now, but there sometime in the past I had an issue where the signal was interrupted due to the way I had the vcr hooked up and a tech came out and said something to the effect that if it's not in the correct order then the system senses that and shuts it down...wasn't sure how that worked but it's been fine (6 mo or so) since he reconfigured the way I had it set that time there was no surround sound amp involved, and I think I had the vcr connected before the digital cable box as it was for playback only.  According to the manual that comes with the digital cable box (DCT700) it appears that I have it connected correctly.  Perhaps it was just a coincidence that the error "One moment please error code s0a00" (I think it said something like that) came up.  Just fishing for info....thanks!!