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Single Episode Documentary Recording As A Series

Question asked by dc2006ster on Aug 14, 2014
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I set my Gateway to record “Nixon by Nixon In His Own Words” on HBO Canada channel 279. I have all the Series options set at defaults which includes first run only. This is a single episode documentary but the Gateway is recording every broadcast (so far I have 3 identical recordings made on different dates and times) and treating it as a series.  It is scheduled to record other broadcasts also.


I have deleted all the recordings, deleted the series and chose to record the next broadcast as a single recording. Will see what happens but right now it all looks OK.


This is a first world problem, no big deal,  but thought I would report it as a possible bug. Is the problem with the Gateway, HBO or how I set up the recording (can’t remember how I did it) ? If I inadvertently chose to record it as a series, should it not have only recorded the first broadcast because the options were for first runs only?