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Shaw and static IP on internal network

Question asked by nameless on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by shaw-brayden

So I understand unless I have a business account, I cannot have a static IP from Shaw.  I don't want or need a static IP, however after just speaking with two tech support personal I was told Shaw does not support my PC being on a static IP even on my own local network because it will cause issues with my internet connection, and that is the reason I was having problems. 


In my scenario I have a Cisco modem/router set to bridge mode feeding the WAN port of my Asus RTAC68U router.  Out of my router LAN port I have one wiring going to a 48 port switch which is set to unmanaged mode.  Every IP device that is capable of being hard wired is hard wired to my 48 port switch. 


My router allows me to set my WAN connection to Automatic IP, or Static IP.  I have it set to automatic.  When my shaw IP changes, I can see in my router that my Shaw IP has changed and everything works fine.  Today my internet was acting a little funny, so I called tech support.  They told me that the reason I am having problems is most likely because my PC is set to a static IP, and it doesn't matter that my router WAN port is set to automatic, not static.  They said static IP addresses are not supported by Shaw and this is going to cause issues. 


My router allows me to hook my iPhone up to it directly via USB so if my internet ever goes down, which is has before, I can run my entire network through my iPhone on Rogers LTE.  When I tried this, my internet worked fine.  I also tried plugging my iPhone directly into my PC and tethering it, which again worked fine.


The Shaw tech had my disconnect my router from my network, and I hard wired my PC directly into port 1 of the Shaw modem.  I then went into my network settings and changed my IP from static to dynamic.  The Shaw tech proceeded to reboot my modem, which was still in bridge mode.  When I tried to go online, I would notice some parts of the web page would not load at all.  When I hit F5 to refresh the page, the page partially loaded 5/6 times, then every 6th time or so it would say "Unable to connect to the internet".  This was the same problem I was having through my home network, and the reason I called tech support.  The Shaw tech said if it was an internet problem on Shaw's end, the web page would not work the first time I tried to open it.  He said if you're hitting F5 and it's not working sometimes, it's nothing on our end.... Then wanted me to test the internet on another PC.


20 minutes later the problem went away on it's own, and hasn't happened again in the last half hour or so.


So my question is this... Is it true that Shaw residential internet doesn't support anyone having static IPs on their internal network, even though the router WAN is set to Automatic IP, not static?