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Third Party VOIP Issues

Question asked by heathn on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by corbin
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Just wondering if there are recent known issues with using 3rd party VOIP on the Shaw network?  I have been having problems with the call quality on my VOIP service (Primus Talkbroadband) for a few months.  It has gotten worse lately, so I finally dug in to try to diagnose what is going on.  I have ruled out my home network (took everything down to the modem and 1 PC) and I have also ruled out the VOIP box and the VOIP provider as being at fault.  When I am experiencing call quality issues, third party testing tools, like, show poor VOIP test results when I select Toronto as the server, even though my broadband speed test shows good results (anywhere from 53/3 down to 40/1).  The problem is intermittent.  I was going to try to calling Shaw tonight but the call quality improved to excellent at around 6:00PM.