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Why do some channels not show up when I use search function in program guide?

Question asked by cheapskate on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by shaw-lance

I have recently changed my cable plan and no longer have timeshift channels.  I live in Calgary, so my basic package includes US networks through Spokane (ie. channel 200 for ABC and 203 for Fox).  However, whenever I search for ABC or Fox shows on the program guide (using the search function), it only pulls up channel 205 for ABC (which is Detroit and unavailable in my current cable package) and 208 for Fox (which is Rochester and also unavailable in my current cable package).  As you can imagine, this is a pain when I want to record shows because I cannot select those as I do not have those channels.  I then have to manually go to the particular day identified in the search and try to manually find it on channels 200 or 203.  Why are some channels missing from the search and how can this be fixed?  Thanks.