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Question asked by lmp on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by morgand

I am trying to use the Shaw Movie Central App on my iPhone and constantly get this error:


"We’re sorry; there is a connection error. Please try again”


I have already tried a number of things, including:


- Multipe email addresses on my account (including creating a new one and changing the passwords of my existing)

- Customer Care ID

- Deleted the app and reinstalled

- On my home network, ShawOpen and cellular

- Ensure Movie Central was active on my home TV

- Tried all these steps both on iOS 4 and iOS 6.


I believe it might be an account issue, as a friend was able to log on to my iPhone using their account, but when I tried mine on a different iPhone, I received the same error.


Not sure what else to try.  Any help would be appretiated.