Regarding Arris SBG6782 and bridging

Discussion created by theechoinside on Aug 26, 2014
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Hey there,


Not a huge deal, but wanted to suggest that when offering the new modem to current customers, especially those currently using a modem in bridge mode, that it's mentioned the Arris SBG6782 can't be set as a bridge.


In my case it led to a pretty awkward phone call, as the tech didn't seem to understand my concern and seemed really stressed by the last minute cancellation (I was on a trip and only able to research/find out about this tonight, with the scheduled appointment tomorrow, unfortunately). But, it might have instead ended up with multiple trips for installers, etc, which is no fun for anyone.


I'd only agreed to the upgrade since I already have throughput issues as it is with the DPC 3825 on the 50 plan, but being forced to go from a bridged setup to a routing one and going up to 100 would very likely have caused significantly worse service for my needs.


Just a heads up to save some trouble, thanks,