Third Party VOIP Issues

Discussion created by bradnerboy on Aug 26, 2014
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I too have been experiencing issues with VOIP, specifically the "Consistency of Service" in the VOIP tests and it show it failed EVERY time (ranges 15% - 30%.


I have an open issue with Shaw as I type this. I have spoken to three level 1 techs and not gained any insight. I've asked to have the issue escalated, but no one seems to understand it's neither an upload/download speed, jitter or packet loss issue. The last tech asked me to run a continuous ping as a "test". Really?


I've tried MS Lync and ThinkTel VOIP and people I've tested with can barely make out what I'm saying.


I have the Broadband 50 service and it should theoretically be able to support a very large number of simultaneous VOIP calls and it can't even do a *single* VOIP call!