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Port Forward headaches

Question asked by falling on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by kevinds

Hello! For the last 5 years I've been port forwarding a program with relative ease first on Telus routers, and then on Shaw routers.

We just recently received a new router as a special Shaw promotion: (SBG6782)


The port is supposed to be 6112 TCP/ UDP (Although I have also tried variants ranging from 6112-6119.)

I have the external ip from google search (Also tried IPv4 and Default Gateway just for the hell of it)

I have the Local IP, IPv4 from ipconfig.

My ip address is Static.

But no matter what I've tried, any sort of checker shows that the ports are closed. (Actually yougetsignal shows a whole range of ports are closed including port 80.) I've made exceptions in my firewall for these port ranges as well, but I've got nothing.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for your help,