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Gateway canceled all my scheduled recordings

Question asked by nartoon on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by shaw-brayden

My wife and I went to the Gateway PVR to watch Amazing Race after it started. In the PVR listings there's no recording under way to join. We checked the 'Scheduled to record' and there were no entries whatsoever. I checked the settings and found a Communication error shown in the Shaw on demand selection. On the PVR Options Canceled and Deleted I find all the programs we had scheduled. There were many programs that show as canceled on Aug 24/25/26 leaving nothing to be recorded. The main TV guide [C] and the +/- CH menu item show channels as CICTDT (CICT-DT) etc. which is totally different than the last time I looked, the TV Guide also shows no programming just one long space for 24 hours. I'm not sure if I can recreate my programming from the Canceled and Deleted menu, but I can't program anything without the guide present. BTW, is there a way to program manually using a channel number, start time and duration? The cable-vision works fine, and the PVR recordings from previously work fine too. I reset the 3 portals and the gateway


What happened, I've had the Gateway and 3 portals for over a year and never seen anything like this.


I checked the Local Network status, refreshed it, reconnected it, send logs to support but I always get Internet connection: failed to connect to DNS error.


Was there a software update this past weekend? What is the latest version for the Arris Gateway, and how do I check my current version.