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Review/Personal Experience - Motorola/Arris SBG6782

Question asked by chriscgry on Aug 29, 2014
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I am subscribed to High Speed 25 here in Calgary, and been a subscriber since it was Xtreme. For the most part, the SBG6782 at its best is a superior gateway (modem/router) combo. I had an SMC8014WN-SHW, and it had wi-fi connection problems when I was living in a basement suite; despite setting it to a 6, and 11 channel, static IP, etc.


When the SBG6782 is set at its default with DHCP-assigned settings, it worked like a "charm" compared to my SMC gateway. Where I encountered problems is when I try to set Static IP/DNS settings to its software/QualityofService (QoS) portion. Ideally, a private home-network runs efficient when you personalize its settings in Static because it is predictable to the router. The problem I encountered was that it "forgot" these settings, and in return caused a "resolving host" issue for both my laptop and Xbox 360; despite whatever settings I implemented be-it disabling UPnP, port-forward, etc. Random disconnection/ hang-ups when I'm on Xbox Live playing Call of Duty Ghosts.

After much research, I understand that this is a general problem for this particular gateway; that the SBG6782 is a new model Shaw is introducing in a limited capacity to the consumers.


I hope I'm not alone in this, and wish that Shaw will resolve the bugs and update it's firmware in the near future.